June 18, 2017

Tradewings, Manipal is a fraud

Please don’t go to Tradewings, Manipal for passport assistance. Since my senior colleague advised me, I went there for their assistance to renew 2 passports and making new passports of other 3 family members. They took Rs. 2,500 as the consultation fee. Due to their wrong advice I was forced to visit Mangaluru passport office twice which is 90 km away from my place. Each time they made me to wait for 4 hours. It was very difficult as my younger son was only 10 month old and my father was 70 year old. All this happened because of wrong advice from Tradewings. When I asked them, they apologized and promised me to refund the consultation fee. The incident happened about a month ago and till date I have not received any reimbursement!

My sincere advice is please fill the online application for the passport and follow simple steps. Don’t believe frauds like Tradewings.