November 26, 2009

Hi-Tech College Bus !

I am one of the daily travelers of our college bus. I am listing some of the suggestions given by staff and
students of my bus to improve the transport facility.
1. New bus routes should be started towards Dharmasthala, Shringeri, Kollur...etc so that whenever time
permits staff and students can visit these holy places and get the courage to travel in our ‘very well maintained’
2. TV with a DVD should be provided in long route buses to view the educational video resources.
3. AC/Sleeper buses should be provided in very long routes such as Nitte - Goa, Nitte - Calicut, Nitte - Madikeri
(They can reach by 12 -12.30 in night and can start again at 1 - 1.30 AM).
4. Resorts could be started in these places and hotel management course could be taught in part time.
5. Mechanical Engineering students should be allowed to do experiments with our college buses to come up
with a vehicle that moves without any vibration in any road conditions.
6. Providing power plug points in college bus for using laptop.